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the platform to manage mass communication channels

Centralize all digital communication channels in one place, launch campaigns and follow up in real time. Use bots or humans for automations and interactions.


Shared inbox

By having a shared inbox, you can collaborate with your teammates and reply to your contacts at lightning speed. This way you and your teammates can collaborate on conversations and deliver amazing customer experiences, faster.

360° Customer View

No more logging in on multiple platforms, find all your customer chats in one place. No matter the channel, you can find a single story for each customer from a single source. With custom fields and labels, it will be easier to meet the segmentation needs of your customers.

chat automation

Less work, more messages for a more productive workforce. Create workflows to help your teammates better manage their efforts to resolve customer issues.


He who does not measure does not control. The administration panel of will allow you to follow up on every operation that your staff (manager, administrator or agent) has. You can see the reports in real time and download the supports in PDF and cvs.

  • User-friendly admin panel
  • surveys


Your customers are your priority. With you can easily interact with them 7×24 solving doubts and concerns.
Our mass communication tool allows individual tracking of interactions with your audience.


Now artificial intelligence is at your fingertips. Easy to use and constantly evolving. Use it to your advantage and surprise your customers with the latest technology.

sales opportunities

With the permanent communication with its clients, the needs are known and with that the sales opportunities. allows the permanent segmentation and labeling of your audience to launch massive or group campaigns through the digital channels integrated in the platform.

you with artificial intelligence

Web and mobile applications were made to make life easier for users.

Our contribution: have the technology at hand to improve the sales, service and support processes of your business or enterprise. Without need to
programming knowledge or costly investment. That is to say: cheap and easy.


You can add mass communication channels in minutes to view and manage conversations in one place.

You can program a bot or leave the task to a human agent or allow both human and bot operation.

Try it!

The best way to discover the platform is to try it out for yourself. Whether you're thinking of connecting a business messaging app to the platform or building a web chat widget from scratch, get started with the platform. No credit card required!