conversational support

The platform has a message module where you can see all the conversations with your contacts and interact with them when necessary.

message module 

From the Module setting , navigate to the menu item, Posts

New messages will appear in a contact list, by default new contacts will not be assigned to any agent.

Reply to a contact

In the central panel is the response module for contacts, by default there are two ways to reply to a message:

Reply via text

An agent can reply to a contact that has written any of the channels that are integrated into the workspace using the 'respond' module and write the reply message.

Important: If there is a chatbot integrated into the channel, it must first be disabled using the 'disable dialogflow chatbot' button located in the upper right corner of the message module.



Reply using voice messages  

To respond using voice messages you must press the microphone icon in the message module, record the message and send it. 

Before you send it, you can listen to it to make sure it's clear.

Some advices: 

Use emojis to make messages more friendly.
Use custom templates to respond faster. 


This module is only accessible by the roles 'Owners and Managers'

Enter via settings panel > workspace settings > snippets

In this module you can create standardized answers to answer the most frequently asked questions. Once you have created a snippet you can use it in the message module. 

Creating a new snippet


On the top bar press the blue 'ADD SNIPPET' button, the creation module will open: 


Fill out the SNIPPET information

name : Give your snippet a name, preferably short.
Message : 
The text of your quick reply message, you can use dynamic variables to customize your messages.
Theme : It is used to categorize the snippets, it is optional.

Note: In a workspace there can be up to 5000 snippets created.

variables dynamics

Dynamic variables are used to customize quick response messages. 

The variables you can use are:

  • $ (Full name of contact first name + last name) 
  • $contact.firstname (Name)
  • $contact.lastname (Surname)
  • $ (email)
  • $ (Contact location country)
  • $ (Contact ID, automatically generated)



This module is only accessible by the roles 'Owners and Managers'

Access the settings menu > Workspace settings > Files

Press the 'ADD FILE' button to add the files that you want to save in the cloud and that agents will be able to access in the message module.

Assign to a contact

It is important to assign a new contact to a teammate in order to know who has responsibility for that contact. 

In the message window > upper left corner you can designate which agent each contact corresponds to.

Note: If an agent replies to a contact that has not been assigned, the contact is automatically assigned to that agent.