This is a guide to manage contacts in the workspaces of the platform

Contacts Module

module interface

This module is only accessible by roles (Owners and Managers)

Add contacts 

On the blue button at the top of the interface, press “add contact” 

For bulk import of contacts go to bulk import


Important : Make sure that the telephone number has the country code, for example for Colombia it is 57.

filter columns

Once you add all the contacts, you can filter the information that appears in the interface by each column

unchecking the box of the parameter that you do not want to observe in the interface

Marketing campaings

After adding the contacts to the platform you can create marketing campaigns: 

Step 1. Enter the 'Broadcast' tab

It is located on the left side of the interface:

Step 2. Set up the audience

Select the 'Add broadcast' button then configure the audience to which the marketing campaign will be sent to in the pop-up window. 

Broadcast Channel: Select the channel to send the mass message.
Broadcast Name: Define the name of your marketing campaign.
Target Audience: Select whether you want to send the mass message to contacts with defined tags or you can select to send the marketing campaign to all contacts belonging to that channel. (Remember that you can integrate more than one channel in your workspace)

Select the template you wish to submit from the dropdown menu.

Note : For the WhatsApp channel, a bulk messaging template must be approved before you can send bulk messages through the channel. 

WhatsApp channel templates

Enter the workspace settings in  in the 'channels' section 

Select the 'templates' button on the whatsapp channel.

Then select 'submit template', there you can configure the template you want to send using the 'broadcast' option 

After filling in the information, select 'submit'.  

You will now be able to send templates like the following: