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Bienvenido a la documentación de create.chat aquí puede encontrar algunas guías útiles para usar la plataforma.

¿Qué es create.chat?

create.chat es una plataforma de mensajería empresarial que conecta contactos de cualquier canal a todos los equipos. La plataforma permite a los clientes enviarle mensajes a través de cualquier canal y proporciona una vista de 360 ​​° a todos los equipos de la empresa.

We want to help you better manage your contacts and conversations from various channels and make it easier for you and your team to respond to your contacts in a more efficient way. The platform also offers you a way to collaborate with your teammates.


Shared inbox

By having a shared inbox, you can collaborate with your teammates and reply to your contacts at lightning speed. This way you and your teammates can collaborate on conversations and deliver amazing customer experiences, faster.

360° Customer View.

No more logging in on multiple platforms, find all your customer chats in one place. No matter the channel, you can find a single story for each customer from a single source. With custom fields and labels, it will be easier to meet the segmentation needs of your customers.

chat automation

Less work, more messages for a more productive workforce. Create workflows to help your teammates better manage their efforts to resolve customer issues.

Test it!

La mejor manera de descubrir la plataforma es probándola usted mismo. Ya sea que esté pensando en conectar una aplicación de mensajería empresarial a la plataforma o crear un widget de chat web desde cero, comience con la plataforma create.chat