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Mass Import

For importing a large number of contacts it is convenient to use the bulk import tool.

From the Module setting , navigate to the menu item, contacts


Add contacts in bulk

In the blue button at the top of the interface press the 'v' symbol to display the tab and select “Import contacts”

A window like the following will be displayed: 

.csv file

For mass import you need to upload the database in csv format.
In the window you can download an example of how the csv file should be organized to do the massive import.

Note: it is recommended to use google sheets to process the data and create the csv file.

Sample file

The structure they must follow is the one shown in the previous screenshot. 

Important: To create a contact it is mandatory that you at least have the information of the telephone number or email.

Note: For WhatsApp to recognize the contacts, they must be added with the + symbol and the country code, for example for Colombia it is +57

Download the Google Sheets .csv file and upload it to the contacts import window of create.chat 

Now you can see the tagged information in the contacts module.

A tag is automatically made with the import date.