Virtual assistant for restaurants and hotels.

So you can focus on the product.

Solutions that can be generated:

hybrid care

Communications with your customers can be handled by one or more humans or by a robot. The robot can be enabled or disabled on each conversation or at specific times.

One number for all locations

The WhatsApp Business API can be served at each restaurant location, assigning the conversations to each employee or by the robot or in a hybrid way.

the digital menu

It will be possible to show the menu by categories: salty, sweet, drinks, etc., with prices and descriptions and update the menu in real time.  

Correction of orders

The robot or the person will be able to show the summary of the orders, with the total value to pay and allow your client to change the order.

Data collection

Artificial intelligence will allow the robot to store important data for marketing strategies, such as: city, neighborhood, products, age, gender, cell phone number, etc.

Mass communication campaigns

With the data collected, mass communication campaigns can be carried out on the WhatsApp numbers of customers in a segmented way: by cities, neighborhoods, ages, type of product, etc.

Attention schedule

Allow your customers to consult a robot the hours and days of attention to the public.

Immediate customer service

The chatbot serves your customers in real time.

Frequent questions

You can have a list of answers to frequently asked questions from your customers, which can be fed or edited frequently.

table reservations

Allow your customers to make table reservations without having to communicate with staff.

Save money and time

The chatbot interacts with your customers instantly, at any time of the day 24/7. In addition, it provides quality answers, does not need to rest and transfers complex tasks to human staff members, when necessary.

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