Omnichannel at the service of the community

ideal scenario

Juan and María live in a village 2 hours from the IPS and the mayor's office.

They need a health appointment and to know if they have a subsidy.

Juan writes to IPS on messenger and María to the mayor's office on WhatsApp

They answer both of them in just seconds and with the identity card number, Juan gets the appointment and María gets the subsidy information.

Another day, and before the appointment, Juan needs a medical consultation. He made a missed call to IPS, they called him back and he was treated by a doctor.

On the day of the appointment at the hospital and on the date of claiming the subsidy, they receive a reminder SMS.

In the IPS and in the mayor's office there is a contact center with all the channels available to serve your audience.

Each contact center is integrated with the user database.

The IPS and the mayor's office have a record of the communications, appointments, meetings, etc. that Juan and María have made. 

The IPS can carry out massive educational campaigns, segmented according to need.

The mayor's office can tell about its tax discount campaigns and the prizes for those who pay on time.  

All these campaigns can be done by a few people through a communication channel management platform.